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Adobe Series|What software does Adobe provide?


Photoshop is arguably the most widely used image processing software and the most commonly used software for retouching. It can be applied to many places: graphic design, photo restoration, advertising photography, image creativity, web production, painting, drawing or processing of three-dimensional postings and so on, very powerful!

2, Adobe Flash (Fl)

Fl is the world’s first commercial two-dimensional vector animation software for designing and editing Flash documents. It is a vector animation file format that is used in a large number of Internet pages, and uses vector operations to produce a film that takes up less storage space. Flash can contain simple animations, video content, complex presentations and applications.

3, Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr)

pr is a commonly used video editing software, there are CS4, CS5, CS6, CC 2014, CC2015, CC 2017, CC2018 version. I think the compatibility of Pr is very good, the quality of the screen are very ok. in short you can not leave the use, will meet the requirements of most editors to create high-quality work.

4, Adobe After Effects (AE).

This is a professional non-linear special effects compositing software. It can be a multi-layer composite image control to produce a seamless synthesis effect, which contains hundreds of special effects and preset animation, I recently learned this software, randomly do some special effects, feel the synthesis effect is very good.

5, Adobe Lightroom (Lr)

LR is a post-based graphics processing software, which is aimed at digital photography, graphic design and other professionals or some high-end users, you can quickly import, processing management and display images for digital. Small photography after the picture will generally go through Lr color grading and other processing, is a very efficient processing software, for many photographers to save time.

6, Adobe Audition (Au)

AU is currently a very professional audio processing software, providing audio mixing, editing, control and effect processing functions. It can be very convenient for processing sound information.


7, Adobe Contribute (Ct)

ct is a website management tool, and simplifies the website editing process, for website design will need to use it.

8, Adobe Dreamweaver (Dw)

DW is a web design software, Baidu is explained: the use of it can easily produce across the platform restrictions and across the browser restrictions full of dynamic web pages.

9, Adobe Illustrator (Ai)

Is a vector graphics-based production software, which is mainly used in print publishing, posters book layout, illustration and the production of Internet pages, etc.

10, Adobe Acrobat

can read and edit PDF format documents

11, Adobe Fireworks (Fw)

Optimize the production of web pages, you can design some effects, etc.

12, Adobe Reader

mainly used to read PDF format documents, and FW is different, it will be more powerful, you can open PDF documents directly from the email.

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